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Starting from 1986, Thailand International Nonwovens Conference & Exhibition (SINCE) has become the largest and most important nonwovens exhibition in Asian region.

As a technical and trade platform of the nonwovens industry, SINCE has formed an industry value chain covering from nonwovens raw materials, nonwovens production machinery & accessories, nonwovens roll goods, converting machinery & accessories, to converted goods. The related industries covering hygiene, filtration, fabrics & apparel, medical, automotive, wiping, home furnishings & upholstery, etc.

SINCE 2019 is expected to welcome over 27,000 trade visitors from the above related industries with over 34,000 sqm gross space. The exhibitor's number is expected to reach 500 exhibitors. 

Below is the chart(click it to see the clear one) to show the exhibition space comparison between SINCE & ANEX & SINCE+ANEX



  1. Venue for SINCE 2019: Hall No.1 and Hall No.2, Thailand World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center(SWEECC). MAX floor space: 34000 sqm.

  2. Venue for SINCE 2011/SINCE 2013/AN EX+SINCE 2015: Hall No.1, Thailand World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center(SWEECC). MAX floor space: 25000 sqm.

  3. Venue for ANEX+SINCE 2009: 1st floor and 2nd floor, Thailand International Trade Exhibition Center(INTEX). MAX floor space: 18000sqm.

  4. Venue for ANEX+SINCE 2003/SINCE2005/SINCE2007: 1st floor, Thailand Internaotional Trade Exhibition Center(INTEX). MAX floor space: 12000sqm.